There are many circumstances when a homeowner or primary leaser has a dispute over residency with another party or one party may request that the police remove another party from the home. The Maple Heights Police Department will respond to assist and attempt to peacefully mediate the situation.

Under most circumstances, the police will not force someone to leave the home who has been staying there with permission. This includes those who have been staying at the home either short-term or long-term. It also does not matter if the individual is named on the lease or not. The proper procedure is for the homeowner to seek civil remedies in Garfield Heights Municipal Court through the eviction process.  (The City of Maple Heights does NOT handle evictions through their Mayor’s court or legal offices – it is handled through the Garfield Heights Court!)  The role of the police department is only to keep the peace. Learn more about the eviction process through the Civil Evictions page on the Garfield Heights Municipal Court Website.  Click onto the Court Cost information link on the bottom of this page for more information concerning the various fees involved in order to file an eviction case.

Conversely, the Maple Heights Police Department will not force a primary lease holder or homeowner to take an ousted tenant or non-tenant back in regardless if that ousted party has a right to the home. This is a civil matter and the Maple Heights Police Department is unable to take sides or force the matter one way or the other.  The ousted party will need to seek civil remedies at a later time. We can talk to the homeowner in an attempt to come to an arrangement or we can assist the ousted party in seeking shelter for the evening.

Please check out the Ohio State Bar Association’s Tenant/Landlord Rights and Obligations for more information.