The Housing Department encourages reinvestment in and revitalization of the City’s neighborhoods and homes to improve the quality of life in the City. The Department builds relationships with public- and private-sector partners to leverage resources for property owners to invest in the City’s housing stock. In building these relationships, the Department brings resources and information to residents to invest in their homes and make their home meet the demands of their families.

The Housing Department is focused on long-term community stability through three key areas: Build, Maintain, Thrive.


The Department works with developers to build new affordable and market-rate housing.


The Department proposes and establishes City programs to help with property maintenance and repairs and partners with nonprofit, for-profit, and government agencies to bring programs and capital to City residents.


The Department proposes policy that seeks to improve the quality of life for all residents in the City.

2021 Grass Nuisance Abatement Program

All homeowners or occupants are required to maintain front yard, back yard, and tree lawns.  Grass and weeds should not exceed 6 inches. When grass and weeds exceed 6 inches in height, the Building Department cites the property and gives the homeowner and occupants 2 days (48 hours) to cut the grass and weeds.

If the grass and weeds are not cut in that time, the City instructs the Service Department to cut the grass and weeds and the City bills the property owner at least $150 for the service.

Housing Updates

November 25, 2020 – New Housing Lays Foundation for Racial Justice

The first new homes in 20 years were recently built in the City’s Presidents Row neighborhood. See the Press Release and a video of one of the sections of the modular homes lifted by crane and set into place. 

August 11, 2020 – Maple Heights Housing Market Data Report

The housing market in Maple Heights continues to see increasing home sales prices: $72,500 in July 2020, a 15.1% increase from July 2019. See the full July 2020 Market Data Report.

June 3, 2020 – City Council Approvals Sale of Lots for New Homes

At the June 3, 2020 meeting, City Council approved the sale of 3 parcels along Jefferson Avenue to the Cuyahoga Land Bank. The Cuyahoga Land Bank will be constructing 2 new homes on these parcels. Stay tuned for more updates on these homes!