Contact the Building Department to apply for permits, register rental properties, file for point of sale inspections, notify the City of a foreclosure or vacant property, apply for zoning clearance, and ensure property maintenance compliance.

James E. Decker, Jr., PE
Chief Building Official/Plans Examiner
(216) 346-3399


The Engineering Department oversees the construction and reconstruction of the City’s infrastructure and public buildings.


The Finance Department is responsible for management of the City’s financial resources, including budgeting and forecasting, payroll, accurate accounting of all taxes and assessments, investment of City funds, and debt management

Tinita Tillman
Director of Finance


The Fire Department provides round-the-clock fire protection and emergency medical service to the City, fire prevention education, and inspection of commercial buildings in the City.

Dan Sypen
Chief of Fire
(216) 662-6035


The Housing Department encourages reinvestment in the City’s neighborhoods and homes to strengthen the City’s tax base. The Department builds relationships with public- and private-sector partners to leverage resources to invest in the City’s housing stock.

Sharra Thomas
Housing Administrator
(216) 587-9026

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department ensures the City complies with employment laws and regulations, including recruiting, selecting and retaining employees, planning and directing employee benefits programs, and employee and labor relations.

Letitia Linker
Director of Human Resources
(216) 587-9003

Human Services

The Human Services Department provides a variety of social, educational, recreational services and programs to meet the wide ranging needs of the City’s residents. The Department manages the City’s Senior Center on Libby Road and is engaged in multi-departmental efforts to reduce infant mortality.

Linda Vopat
Director of Human Services
(216) 587-5481


The Law Department has numerous responsibilities, including preparation of legislation, prosecution, preparation of and conduct of litigation in all courts where the City, an employee, officer, board, commission or agent of the City is a party, and preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements on behalf of the City.

Frank Consolo
Director of Law
(216) 587-9008

Planning & Development

The Planning and Economic Development Department works to improve community vitality through business retention, expansion and attraction, while coordinating a range of public projects aimed at strengthening quality of life for City residents and visitors alike.

Joe Duffy, AICP
Planning & Development Director
(216) 587-9032


The Police Department is an award-winning law enforcement agency with 30 full-time sworn Police Officers and an Auxiliary Police force ready to serve residents in emergencies and non-emergencies, and building community relationships through initiatives and programs, such as Shop with a Cop and DARE.

Todd Hansen
Chief of Police
(216) 662-1234


The Service Department provides many services to the residents, ranging from snow removal and street repairs to animal trapping and leaf collection.

Tony Ciresi
Service Director
(216) 587-9014