The City’s Property Tax Abatement Program was recently updated (Ordinance 2020-39) to make all all real property within the City eligible for the Property Tax Abatement Program (State Approval of Boundary Changes). New construction and renovation/addition to residential property are eligible for property tax incentives providing they meet certain criteria outlined below, while similar improvements to commercial or industrial properties follow a case-by-case process and are contingent on Maple Heights City Council approval. 

Maple Heights’ local tax abatement policy is clarified in Code Chapter 898.

Relevant Ohio Revised Code sections dictating the process for commercial or industrial applicants are linked here:

Project Length of Abatement Percentage of Abatement
Remodeling (single-family or two-family) where the eligible project‘s total investment is between $2,500 and $24,999 10 years 50% of the increased property taxes associated with the project
Remodeling (single-family or two-family) where the eligible project‘s total investment is $25,000 or greater 15 years 100% of the increased property taxes associated with the project
New Construction of dwellings with 25 units or less 15 years 100% of the increased property taxes associated with the project

Process and Application

For new construction, additions, and renovation projects (see the Program Guidelines for a list of eligible and ineligible projects), the Program can be a great way to make your home your dream home in Maple Heights and enliven business districts.  Below is a flowchart to help illustrate how the Program process works for typical projects.

  • Apply for all required Building Permits for the proposed project.

  • Once permits are approved, begin your construction project. Be sure that your contractors are registered with the Department of Building.

  • Schedule and have performed the required inspections for each permit. Inspections are scheduled by calling SafeBuilt at (440) 399-0850. Be sure to have your permit number when you call.

  • Complete your project and have all final inspections performed. Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion will be issued.

  • Fill out the Residential Property Tax Abatement Application or Commercial Property Tax Abatement Application and submit it with the required attachments to the Department of Planning and Development, who will administer the needed documents and approvals with Maple Heights City Schools and/or Maple Heights City Council (Commercial or Industrial projects only).

  • The Department of Planning and Development reviews to ensure the application is complete, that all inspections were completed for permits pulled for the project, and that a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Completion was issued. When everything is determined to be complete and in order, a letter confirming the property tax abatement will be sent to you and to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.

  • Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office, through the Appraisal Department, conducts a field inspection and will determine what, if any, increased value the project will add to the property’s value and applies the tax abatement to your property tax record.

  • The City’s Housing Officer and Housing Council will inspect the property annually. The tax exemption will remain for the agreed upon duration, as long as the property is kept in good repair and maintained up to state and local code standards.

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