Road Repair Program

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Picture of road crews pulling up old asphalt to replace with new asphalt.

Project Overview

Estimated Project Timeline: October 11, 2021 – December 2021
Total Project Cost: $471,400.00

With over 160 lane miles of roads in the City of Maple Heights, the City is continuously working to maintain, repair, and resurface roads. The Department of Service plows the streets in the winter and sweeps the streets and patches holes throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. The Office of the City Engineer, working with the Office of the Mayor, City Council, and the Department of Service, works to repair and resurface roads on an ongoing basis. Below is a map and list of current and historical Road Repair Programs. Keep an eye out for updates as the City works to maintain, repair, and replace roads throughout the City.

Projects in Progress Completed Projects
  • The 2022 Road Repair Program will be announced as soon as more information is available.
  • 2021 Road Repair Program (4.4 lane miles)
    • Wheeler Road – E 140th Street to Dunham Road
    • Maple Avenue – Beech Avenue to Libby Road
    • Thomas Street – Raymond Street to Libby Road
    • Kenton Avenue – Waterbury Avenue to cul-de-sac
    • Donnybrook Road –  Warrensville Center Road to Northfield Road
    • Dunham Road – Rowena Avenue to southern border
  • 2020 Road Repair Program (0.5 lane miles)
    • Lee Road South (Rockside Road to cul-de-sac)
    • East 140th Street (James Avenue to Lisa Drive)
  • 2019 Road Repair Program (6.0 lane miles)
    • Warrensville Center Road (border to border)
    • Lee Road South (Turney Road to Rockside Road)
    • Raymond Street (Philip Street to Tatra Street)
  • 2018 Road Repair Program (0.30 lane miles)
    • Dunham Park entrance drive
  • 2016 Road Repair Program (7.6 lane miles)
    • Libby Road (Lee Road to Northfield Road)
    • Lee Road (Mill Creek Bridge to northern border)
    • Auburn Road (Maple Heights Boulevard to Stafford Park entrance)
    • Mayville Road (Libby Road to School Bus Garage)
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