The Animal Warden is assigned to the City’s Service Department and is available Monday through Friday 7:00am-3:00pm. The warden will receive duty assignments from the dispatch center (216) 662-5884, voice mail (216) 587-9646, or email at . The Animal Warden will provide trapping of nuisance animals on a limited basis. This will only be done to address those nuisance animals that directly affect a resident’s living quarters. The warden will not trap animals randomly or where there is no evidence of infestation. The warden will only place traps at the nesting site of a nuisance animal and trapping will not be done until the resident requesting the trap has eliminated the nuisance animal’s food source and nesting area. The Animal Warden will not trap cats or kittens. The Animal Warden will not house cats or kittens in the animal shelter and will not accept cats or kittens brought in as strays.

Some of the more common City of Maple Heights animal ordinances are summarized below. To review all the city’s animal laws or get more information, click here for the city’s ordinances pertaining to animals.

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Nuisance conditions prohibited; Barking or howling dogs:

No person shall keep or harbor any animal in the City so as to create excessive noise, offensive odors or unsanitary conditions which are a menace to the health, comfort or safety of the public.

Cruelty to animals:

Animals shall not be tortured, deprived of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beat, needlessly mutilated, killed or abandoned.  Animals shall be afforded, access to shelter from wind, rain, snow or excessive direct sunlight if it can reasonably be expected that the animal would otherwise become sick or in some other way suffer.

Neglect of animals:

No dog, cat, or other domestic animal shall be placed in any condition that may lead to permanent injury, death, or harm to such animal, including confining an animal in a motor vehicle under any conditions that may endanger the well-being of the domestic animal.

No animal is to be kept in a place that is unsanitary, including any place where there is an accumulation of feces or other waste, or foul odor, or insect or rodent infestation. Additionally, animals shall be provided clean, potable drinking water, suitable food of sufficient quality, regular exercise, necessary veterinary care, current vaccinations, and appropriate shelter from the elements.

Tethering of animals:

No person shall tether by rope, chain, cord, dog run or pulley, or similar restraint any animal

*  For more than six hours total in a 24-hour period;

*  Not more than two consecutive hours with no less than a one-hour period between tethering;

* Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.;

* If a heat or cold advisory or severe weather warning has been issued by a local or State authority or the National Weather Service;

* If the tether is less than 20 feet in length;

* If the tether allows the animal to touch the fence or cross the property line or cross onto public property;

* If the tether is attached by means of a pinch-type, prong-type, or choke-type collar, or if the collar is unsafe or is not properly fitted;

* If the tether may cause injury or entanglement;

Impounding of dogs, other animals:

Any dog or other animal found in violation of City of Maple Heights animal ordinances may be impounded. The licensed dog or other animal may be released to the licensee or owner and the licensee or owner shall be charged with a violation of any applicable section of this chapter.

In order to claim any impounded animal, the owner, keeper or harborer must prove ownership and shall pay all fees and costs accruing in connection with the impoundment.

The following fees and costs shall accrue incident to the impoundment of animals:

(1)   For housing and feeding (per day) for a canine:   $15.00

(2)   For housing and feeding (per day) for a feline:   $10.00

(3)   For housing and feeding (per day) for exotic or vicious animals:   $20.00

(4)   Impoundment fee for any animal:   $50.00

These fees may be paid in cash at the Maple Heights Police Department.  Exact change must be provided. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.

Maximum number of dogs and cats permitted:

No pet owner shall be permitted to keep more than five dogs, puppies, cats or kittens, over three months of age, or any combination thereof, within the City.

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