The City of Maple Heights owns numerous vacant lots around the City that have the potential to help you expand your yard, put an addition on your home, or build your new home. With the City’s Property Tax Abatement Program, the Vacant Lot Program can be an inexpensive way to grow your family and home.

Interested in Expanding Your Yard – Side Yard Program

The Side Yard Program gives residents the opportunity to expand their yard for their enjoyment and to increase the value of their home. In order to qualify for the Side Yard Program, applicants must:

  • Own and occupy the adjacent home;
  • Be current on their property taxes and assessments or on a County payment plan;
  • Be in substantial compliance with the City’s Building, Housing, and Zoning Codes;
  • Not have property in Cuyahoga County that was transferred as the result of a tax foreclosure action.

If approved, the purchase price is $100.00 per lot plus closing costs and filing fees. Additionally, applicants must consolidate the parcel on which their home sites with the vacant parcel, estimated to cost between $1,200 and $2,500 depending on lot size.

A list of available properties is provided below. If you find a lot on the list you are interested in purchasing through the Side Yard Program, please call the Department of Economic Development at (216) 587-9032 before making application.

Side Yard Program Flowchart
Side Yard Program Lot List as of June 7, 2021
Side Yard Program Application

Interested in Building a New Home – Vacant Lot Program

The Vacant Lot Program allows owner occupants and developers to purchase lots from the City’s Land Bank to develop. Interested persons should contact the Economic Development Department to discuss the proposed project prior to making application. In addition to the application, the applicant must provide a floor plan and exterior rendering.

If approved, the purchase price is the Fair Market Value (FMV) per lot plus closing costs and filing fees.

Vacant Lot Program Application