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The Department of Planning and Development works to nurture existing community businesses, assist in facility expansion, attract new companies, and coordinates public projects while planning for future investments across the City.

Planning and Development serves as a one stop information shop for federal, state and county programs that aid businesses. The department also disperses information about finance, exporting, employee training and tax incentive programs. Assistance is offered to companies participating in these government programs throughout the entire process.

We encourage Maple Heights businesses to complete our Business Contact Form so we can better serve you.

The City of Maple Heights is a majority-minority Southeastern suburb of Cleveland, and home to nearly 24,000 residents.

Maple Heights was incorporated in 1915 from the Northwestern portion of Bedford township, making it one of the oldest Cleveland suburbs. The City’s housing stock is primarily 1940s to 1960s ranches and bungalows, though some areas of the city are early 1900s colonials. Code enforcement is an ongoing focus of the municipal government, with new programs and initiatives in development to best address these needs for residents and business owners alike.

The City of Maple Heights was recently released from fiscal emergency on November 18, 2020 by the Ohio Auditor of State after being placed into emergency in February 2015. Due in part to the stabilization of the City’s finances, the City has seen continued investment, including GOJO, the markers of Purell, establishing a 325,000 square foot manufacturing site, among multiple other commercial projects in the past five years. Maple Heights full 5.17 square miles of land area is comprised of qualified Community Reinvestment Act eligible census tracts.

Top 20 Employers

  • Maple Heights Board of Education
  • Sherwood Food Distributors
  • Liberty Ford Inc.
  • RL Lipton Distributing Company Inc.
  • Signature Health Inc.
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
  • Home Depot USA Inc.
  • Charter Communications Holding
  • Riser Foods Company
  • Cuyahoga Vending Company Inc.
  • Peck Food Services
  • Clifton Steel Company Inc.
  • Cornerstone Innovations Inc.
  • Westrock Services Inc.
  • Hans Truck and Trailer Repair
  • R.L. Lipton Company
  • ITS Technologies & Logistics Inc.
  • Leafguard
  • Ohio Magnetics Inc.
  • Dollar Tree

Contact Us

Joe Duffy
Director of Planning and Development

Gina Pieragostine
Administrative Assistant
(216) 587-9032

Maple Heights City Hall, 2nd Floor
5353 Lee Road
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Monday – Friday
8:30a – 5:00p

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