The City’s Charter is the foundational document for all of the Administration and City Council’s work, providing the structure of the government, the powers granted to the government, and the work the residents charge the government with undertaking.

Duties of the Board

The Charter Review Commission, pursuant to Article XX, Section 2 of the City’s Charter, meets every five years to review the Charter and make recommendations to City Council for changes to the Charter.  In January of a given year, the Mayor appoints 2 members, City Council appoints 1 member from each of their Districts, and the Council President appoints 2 alternate members. The Commission’s work is completed within 6 months of appointment, recommending changes to the Charter it determines necessary. Those changes are reviewed by City Council, and City Council submits the changes to the City’s electors for their vote.

2021 Charter Review Commission Members and Recommendations

Katurah Johnson
Rikki Brown
Michele Rudolph
Almeida Dye
Lakiesha Nevels
Daphne Coleman
Linda Mitchell
Angela Oglesby
Herb Wilborn
Alternates: Jackie Albers, Lois Poole

Charter Change Recommendations Summary

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

The agendas and meeting minutes of the Charter Review Commission are available on the Agendas & Minutes webpage.