Financial Incentives

It can be challenging getting your business started. The Department of Planning and Development is here to help provide resources and assistance, connecting you with possible financial incentives. Below is a list of City-administered incentives with a brief description.

Reach out to the Department of Planning and Development to talk through your business idea and how the City can connect you with incentives that can launch you to success.  Resources are always changing and we would like to connect with you early in your pre-development process.

Property Tax Abatement

The City’s Property Tax Abatement Program was recently updated (Ordinance 2020-39) to include new construction and renovation/addition to commercial and mixed-use projects are eligible for property tax incentives, providing they meet certain criteria. Property Tax Abatement for commercial and industrial projects is subject to the terms of a development incentive agreement negotiated between the business, the City, and the Maple Heights School District. Businesses interested in a Commercial Property Tax Abatement should contact the Department of Planning and Development at the start of planning to discuss the project and the process.  All agreements are subject to Maple Heights City Council Approval.  Click here for information on Property Tax Abatements.

Small Business Partnership Program

Maple Heights Municipal Small Business Initiative (MSBI) offers qualifying small businesses with a 15% forgivable loan (or “performance grant”) which will supplement their own equity contribution of 10% to a project. This program functions as a public private partnership between the City of Maple Heights, Cuyahoga County Department of Development and your Small Business. Project funding consists of an Private Loan, performance grant (or Forgivable Loan) from the City of Maple Heights and your Owner Equity. Learn details on the Small Business Partnership Program webpage.

Job Creation and Retention Program Grants

Per local code Chapters 891.064 and 891.065, the City may enter into an agreement with businesses who anticipated to create new jobs or retain existing jobs in Maple Heights.  The grants are awarded as tax credits as outlined in the code sections, agreed upon on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by Maple Heights City Council.  Contact the Planning and Development Department to discuss job creation and retention in Maple Heights.

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