Where work requires a permit, the permit shall be applied for and issued prior to work beginning. When the work will be performed by a contractor/subcontractor, the contractor/subcontractor must be registered with the City of Maple Heights prior to a permit being issued.

For commercial projects, we recommend scheduling an administrative review with City Staff before submitting permit applications. Please call the Planning and Development Department at (216) 587-9031 or e-mail the Department Director Joe Duffy at jduffy@mapleheightsohio.com.

Garage Sale Permit

A Garage Sale Permit is required prior to holding a garage Sale. There is the first Garage Sale Permit fee is $10.00. The second and third Garage Sale Permit within a twelve-month period is $15.00. During any twelve-month period, no property or premises in the City shall be used for more than three garage sales (MH Cod. Ord. 828.02).

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