Annual Door-to-Door  Inspections

All residential properties in the City receive an exterior inspection every five years. The Annual Door-to-Door Inspection Program divides each District into five sections, ensuring that one section of all seven Council Districts is inspected annually.

How the Program Works

A City Department of Housing team member will conduct an inspection from the sidewalk of each house in the assigned yearly section. The team member drives a City car and carries City identification. Property owners do not need to be home when the team member is conducting the inspection.

Learn more about what team members are looking for during the exterior maintenance inspection.

Property owners of properties where violations are found will receive a violation notice in the mail. Property owners are given 90 days for the first violation notice to correct the violations, unless the violation presents a health or safety risk and then the repair will be given a shorter time frame to comply. A team member will re-inspect the property for compliance after the 90-day compliance period. Property owners who have corrected their violations will receive confirmation in writing.

Property owners who would like to request additional time to correct the violations can request an extension.

Program Inspection Cycle

The City’s approximately 10,000 residential structures are divided up into a 5-year rotating cycle for inspection with approximately the same number of structures being inspected in each Council District annually. The City is currently in year one. Please see link to interactive map HERE.