Please attend the viewing of Toxic: A Black Woman’s Story explores a day in the life of “Nina,” a professional African American woman in her second trimester of pregnancy. The film depicts the cumulative effects of the chronic stress Nina experiences as a normal part of her daily routine. These experiences begin from the moment she wakes up and continue throughout the day, as she endures a myriad of stressful events that impact her health and well-being.

The collaboration between the City of Maple Heights and Pregnant with Possibilities Resource Center signifies our shared commitment to bring awareness to disparities in maternal and infant health by promoting a sustainable future for our community. We believe that by coming together and engaging in meaningful dialogue, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals and organizations to take action.

This film will be shown at Stafford Park, Thursday, August 24th beginning at 6:30PM.  Please join us.


PPRC Toxic in the Park Flyer