Cuyahoga County median home sale prices are up, and in The City of Maple Heights, the 2023 median home sale price is up over 80% from 2019 ($52,000 to $95,000).  With 50+ home sales in both 2019 and 2023, homes in Maple Heights have seen one of the largest increases in median sales prices of the 59 communities within Cuyahoga County.  ‘The increased sales price is a reflection on the intentional work the City has prioritized; through the increase of new infill housing, the new construction of a 53-unit senior housing development, along with the robust economic development here in Maple Heights, we continue to win and advance forward together. We have wonderful amenities to offer our residents, and this sales price increase reflects that,’  stated Mayor Annette M. Blackwell.  Read the article here: