The City of Maple Heights, in partnership with the State of Ohio Public Works Commission, and the NEORSD, is completing work on two construction projects within the city at present. 


The Mendota and Rowena Water Main replacement project will span 0.5 miles, with work on replacement of a connector loop water main between Mendota and Rowena, providing improved water circulation. This project additionally will  replace 6” water mains with 8” water mains.  Total cost of project: $1,155,799.69.


The Maple Heights Southwest Quadrant Sewer Repairs Phase 1 includes work from both the NEORSD and the Ohio Public Works Commission; includes excavating and replacing broken and deteriorated pipes as well as separating existing dividing wall manholes and replacing them with new separate storm and sanitary manholes.  The project is  at a cost not to exceed $864,114.00 and all work, including restoration,  is expected to be completed by the end of the 2022 construction season.