Maple Heights residents: The ‘Maple Citizens Committee’ is forming now. It will be an ongoing forum, run by residents, to involve/empower residents to continuously address needs and the City’s needs without having to wait for a Council meeting, and freeing up the City’s time to move the City forward with beneficial programs.

Citizens will determine initiatives to pursue (including with the City), but committee members can share easy, quick ways to save money and time; and will share resources available. The Committee will work toward a livable economy, “Powering a Clean Future” and climate goals, easier lawn care and more.

A coordinator will keep everyone informed as to what’s going on in the City, and upcoming events, elections.

If you are interested in learning more about the ‘Maple Citizens Committee’, the Initial meeting will be held at the Maple Heights Library at 5225 Library Lane, Thursday, 9/21; 6:30-8PM, you can also reach them by email:

Feel free to call Linda Sekura, 216-598-0113, or stop by her house at 20508 Watson Road. Thank you!