The Maple Heights Service Department will begin leaf collection on Monday, October 25th. The city is going to be picked into three zones (see the Leaf Collection Map):

  • Zone 1, all streets North of Libby road will begin on October 25th.
  • Zone 2, all streets South of Libby road will begin on November 1st.
  • Zone 3 will begin November 8th encompassing all of the West side of Maple Heights.

The pickup process will repeat starting back to Zone 1. The City will end leaf pick-up on December 3rd (weather permitting). If winter begins early this year, the CIty may have to make adjustment which will be posted on the webpage. (first heavy snow last year was December 1)

In the event of extreme or inclement weather, please continue to check the website or Facebook page for the latest updates and information.

Leaves need to be placed on the tree lawn not on the STREET. The piles should not contain twigs and or branches, grass clippings, trash, animal waste. If found we will not pickup. It will damage equipment. Only Leaves. The Service Department ask that cars or vehicles not impede the pickup process. If leaves are in bags they will be left for trash pickup on your regular scheduled day of trash collection. ONLY RAKED PILES WILL BE PICKED UP.