At the final City Council meeting of 2023, Maple Heights District 6 Councilman Richard Trojanski was recognized for his 14 years of service on City Council.  A trailblazing public servant, Trojanski has been a steadfast advocate for both LGBTQ+ and racial equality in Maple Heights.  As the first openly gay Council President in Ohio, he has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the community since his election in 2009.  Since taking office Trojanski has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Maple Heights to improve city services and the quality of life for all residents.


Time in Office

-Councilman District 6 2009-2015

-Council President 2016-2017

-Civil Service Commissioner 2018-2019

-Councilman District 6/Currently serving as Council Pro Tem


Current Committees (2020-2023)

-Chairman of Finance Committee

-Chairman of Public Works & Safety Committee

-Member of Community Life & Education Committee


Pictured here, Trojanski received a plaque for his 14 years of service from Council President Jackson and Councilmembers Anderson, Jones and Tatum.