At last week’s special meeting of the Maple Heights City Council, legislation was passed authorizing and approving the 2022 Pavement Repair Program.  City Engineer, Ed Hren outlined the process by which the streets were selected, making sure that each of the City’s seven districts would receive equitable amounts of funding over the proposed length of the Pavement Repair Program.  


This 2022 Pavement Repair Program will be part of a larger three year project, spanning all areas of the city.  An estimated cost for this phase of the project is $1,044, 516.46; and at last week’s meeting, the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works informed Mayor Blackwell that it will reimburse the city for up to $101,000 in material costs.  Additional funds may become available for the final two years of the Pavement Repair Program, through grants and outside funding. 


The streets selected for the 2022 Pavement Repair Program are as follows:


Ramage from Dunham to Glenwood; Cato from McCracken to Raymond; McCracken from Tatra to Camden- also McCracken from Erwin to Tatra; Marion (entire street); Otis place (entire street); Corridon from E. 146th to E. 141st-also Corridon from Dunham to E. 146th; Brunswick from E. 141st to E. 146th; Krems from E. 146th to E. 141st; Hollywood from Mapleboro to Maple Heights Blvd.- also Hollywood from Waterbury to Mapleboro.


Hren stated that the worst street from the examination was Southgate Park Blvd., but this street is not included in the 2022 program, because the estimated cost to repair that street alone was around $900,000.00; which would use almost all of the monies budgeted for the repairs.  The City plans to apply for grants which would cover the cost of this repair, in 2023.  


Mayor Blackwell is committed to spending approximately $1 million annually to fix the 25 worst streets in Maple Heights, with the eventual goal of pavement maintenance.  She stated, all of this is essential for redevelopment, which is continuing in Maple Heights.