Message from Mayor Blackwell


We have moved through the holidays of 2017 and are now well into the Year of 2018. This year came in with lots of snow and cold weather and we are already thinking of warmer days in the Spring.


We had the Mayor’s Breakfast Club Meeting on January 11, 2018 and I was excited and pleased to have coffee with more than 15 residents! Police Chief, John Popielarczyk, was my invited speaker.  I want to spend this year getting closer to the city’s residents and working together to address the issues. The issues that we face require the engagement and participation of the residents as well, together we can accomplish much.


It is hard to believe, but I am already in my third year as Mayor. When I look back, I am pleased about how much we have been able to get done. More specifically, bringing back events, Music-in-the Park, Easterfest, Shred Day and more. Probably, the most significant is RECYCLING and remodeling the Senior Center after many, many years! We are still doing more with less, but we focus everyday on getting it done for you.  


I still believe that the City of Maple Heights is a great place to live, it is a big city among the inner-ring suburbs and we are in a great location to almost anywhere with nearby interstates. We recently had a property grade survey done and the results are in which report that the grades of the majority our homes are an “A” or “B” with only a very small percentage being rated a “C” and an even smaller percentage being a “D” or “F”.


Looking forward to a great and prosperous year and I wish you all health and happiness! 



Mayor's Message