Message from Mayor Blackwell


July 2017, I have been in the Mayor’s office for 17 months now! The novelty of the position is wearing off, but the work and challenges are not slowing down. I want to express that I am extremely grateful for the support of the seniors at the Senior Center. It feels very good to receive your hugs, smiles and well wishes every time I visit you all.


Please know that the remodeling project for your Center will soon be underway and I want to thank you all for your cooperation in the planning and now I am

asking in advance for your patience as the work begins and it is completed. I believe that you all will be very proud of your newly updated home away from



Also, very important and good news, I want to share that we have aggressively reduced our debt. We have brought it down from a deficit of -$2.5 million to

about -$1.2 million and hope to wipe it out completely by the Fall of 2018, about two years ahead of schedule, we are scheduled to be out in 2021!! Will

you pray with me that God will make it so? This City is Winning Again, we are on our way back from difficult and uninspiring times. You all especially, have

seen it all, very good and very bad times. I am looking forward to celebrating with you all for years to come as we just keep moving forward believing in the

best of people and things because God is with us.


God bless and Happy July 4th, Independence Day!!!




Mayor's Message