As the Mayor of the City of Maple Heights -  Welcome!   I am pleased to introduce you to the City of Maple Heights!


We take great pride in our community of over 22,000 residents, and offer an array of outstanding City services and senior programs. We are also located within easy access to Cleveland Hopkins Airport, downtown Cleveland and Interstates 480, 77, 71, 90 and 271. Our City has something to offer to everyone, regardless of age, background or interest.


The City of Maple Heights is rich in educational, cultural and religious traditions. It is an ideal community where residents enjoy the friendliness and concern typical of small-town living, yet experience conveniences usually found in larger metropolitan cities.  The City Schools completed the construction of five new school buildings in 2011, while the city continues to attract new businesses to its retail center, most notably around the Southgate USA area.


The city is facing several challenges in the future, and my administration, along with our dedicated safety services and employees, take great pride in maintaining and revitalizing our community as we will move Maple Heights ahead.  I also have many new ideas to further market our city, and will be meeting with local businesses, school administrators, state and local officials to improve our financial situation and economic base.


I am committed to the citizens of our community and will always strive to provide our residents with effective and responsive services.  Please check back on this website for more information and announcements!


My goal is to  provide you, the resident, a transparent and  professional city government.  Please contact my office if I can be of assistance to you, or e-mail us for any suggestions to further enhance the city website.  Thank you!


Mayor Annette M. Blackwell

(216) 587-9011

Spending quality time with Lyndee and the children is what I truly treasure.  Here, my family helps in creating yard signs promoting this past election!  (Click on the picture for a larger photo!)

Mayor Blackwell was formerly employed as a Commercial Property Tax Analyst with Deloitte & Touche, and Ryan, LLC, working successfully in the private sector for over 15 years.  

Attended Indiana Wesleyan University and Ursuline College with a background in public relations.  Mayor Blackwell served as the Co-ordinator of the Maple Heights City Schools Parent Academy, and will continue her work with the schools for a better City and school system.


This is just an example of what home schooling can accomplish with misspelled words and possible dyslexic kids - proving that stupidity and ignorance are not only inherited, but learned at a very  young age!, in closing, god bless Maple Heights......

Mayor Blackwell is a wife, mother and grandmother. She serves alongside her husband, Alonzo Blackwell, a Deacon, as a Deaconess at her church.

Mayor Blackwell is a very successful business professional who has worked at KeyBank as an Executive Assistant in Installment Lending and University Hospitals of Cleveland as an Administrative Coordinator to a pulmonologist, who was also President & Chief Medical Officer of primary care physician practices.

She ended her 16 years as a Senior Commercial Property Tax Analyst and Co-Leader of the Black Employee Network at Deloitte and Ryan Global Tax Services where she was also a US India Liaison, when she won the election.

Mayor Blackwell and her husband are local business owners in the City of Maple Heights, owning an event and multipurpose center.

She completed her business education at Indiana Wesleyan University and currently attends Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio where she is studying Public Relations.

On January 6, 2016, Mayor Blackwell was sworn in as the City of Maple Heights’ 16th Mayor and the first female and first African-American in the City’s 100-year history.

Mayor Blackwell serves on the Executive Board of the Cuyahoga County Mayors & City Managers Association and Northeast Ohio Mayors & City Managers Association.

During her time in office, she has received numerous awards.  Most notably 2016, the Maple Heights City Schools Pathfinder Award, and the National Action Network of Greater Cleveland Humanitraium, and Warrior of Justic and Leadership Award.  


Mayor Blackwell is invested in the community, as owner-entrepreneur of "First Place Event and Multipurpose Center," which opened for business  in the heart of Maple Heights in 2014.    

First Place Event and Mulitpurpose Center is located at 16536 Broadway Avenue.

Mayor Annette M. Blackwell swearing-in ceremony, January 6, 2016

Mayor Blackwell at the recent 90 Year Anniversary of Mount Moriah Church in Maple Heights. 

Message from Mayor Blackwell

June has always been a popular month for weddings! The Romans named June after Juno, the queen of the gods and patroness of marriage and weddings. Retrieved from


Before becoming Mayor, I had once worked at University Hospitals for a President and Chief Medical Officer and was responsible for all of his

physician events, which turned into a small event planning business for me; several of these events included wedding planning. During this season of weddings, later this month my family and I will travel to Virginia Beach for the first time to attend our Pastor’s, daughter’s wedding.


In addition, my birthday is in the month of June and it is a BIG ONE! However, I am not saying “YIKES”, I am saying “Thank God for keeping me.” I have had some disappointment, heartache and failure, but for most of my life, God has shown me great favor. So I

take the time to thank God often, I pray daily; attend Church weekly and try to live a life pleasing to God in all that I do and say.


The month of June’s stone is a Pearl and the Flower a Rose, both of which happen to be my favorite. The Pearl Stone is elegant, highly valued, an object of beauty and a metaphor for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. While, the Rose is known for its beauty and fragrance and red roses are most popular and a symbol of love; I personally love yellow roses, representing joy and friendship, but also because yellow is my favorite color. Therefore,

I have concluded that being born in the month of June clearly defines what I like and me.


Lastly, the warm sun of June; longer days, shorter nights, soft breezes, schools and universities summer breaks begin in June well before Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the first day of summer!


Be sure to enjoy the outdoors and a slower pace in the month of June.



Mayor Annette M. Blackwell



(216) 587-9011