The key to a successful leaf collection is providing accurate information about the process to residents. Leaf collection will begin the week of October 16, 2017 and continues through early-December. Every street gets at least 3 pickups.

Because it is impossible to predict when and how fast the leaves fall, how many residents will have piles ready, the size of the piles and the weather, we do not have a set schedule of when we will be on a specific street. Three Z will work generally from the East side of the City to the West side. As crews get all the way across the city, if sufficient leaves are available, they return to the East side and begin the next pass.



Community members with questions should contact Three-Z directly at their leaf collection line 216-524-6668.



Some important tips for residents:

Get your leaves out as soon as possible. Once a house is passed Three Z will not come back until the next pass.

Do not place trash, sticks or grass in the leaf piles. These things can damage equipment - and Three Z will not pick up piles containing sticks, grass or garbage.

Three Z will not collect leaves that have been placed in bags. Simply rake your leaves into a pile on the curb and they will pick them up.

Leaves must be piled at the curb. Three Z cannot collect piles more than 10 feet from the edge of the road.


CLICK HERE for recent list of streets completed and dates