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Mayor Annette M. Blackwell

Welcomes you to the

City of Maple Heights website

NEORSD Information

Maple Hts Library

Message from Mayor Blackwell:


Happy New Year! It is 2017 and I, the Mayor of Maple Heights, have officially been in office for one year.


What can one expect for this New Year from me and this administration?


You can expect our Firemen and Emergency Personnel to rush to every call with a sense of urgency on a healing and life-saving mission. And that a compassionate, highly-trained, effective and brave group of policemen and women will continue to make us proud and very safe every day.


My staff, this administration, and my fellow elected officials, your councilpersons, to keep moving forward in spite of our significant challenge, of a budget deficit. We will continue to embrace the very important job of making a difference in the quality of life for our 20,000+ residents.

I am your Mayor and Safety Director, therefore, it is my job to make the painful choices; to address the

fears of city staff and residents; to collaborate with City school officials; to empower and support our

children for success and the ability to make better choices; to create public relations and marketing campaigns;

to promote this City to prospective residents and businesses; to tell our City’s truth and not leave

it to the press or sensational newsmen; to solicit the County and lobby State representatives for economic

and social support; to overcome the hardships and make a big deal in celebrating our occasional victories!

So in conclusion, what I have learned as a new Mayor in year one, is that this job really is not about politics

at all. It is about the people in the place where you have been chosen to lead. It is very important

that during your time in office, you leave a better future for the people who believed and trusted in you,

when they cast their votes. This job is one of the most important things that I will ever do in my life. It

changes the lives of people. It inspires or fails them.

I did not accept the mission of this purposeful life to fail my God or any of those that He has blessed me to serve


Beginning July 2016, the stormwater fees for the Stormwater Program will appear on customer’s bills.

To help address questions on the program and residential credit opportunities, informational work-shops are being hosted across the service area this summer.  

Maple Heights Library recently performed some major renovations and is the jewel of the Cuyahoga County library system, attracting thousands of visitors each year

Gas price information

Recycling Returns ! !

Information and activities at nearby Cleveland Metroparks are available on the link below.

Information on the recycling program in Maple Heights that will be starting in 2017 will be mailed to residents, and will also be posted on the website as the information becomes available.   Look for mailers from Waste Management on this program by spring, 2017!


Click the links below if you have concerns over a streetlight that needs repairs, or for outage information from First Energy

Mayor Annette M. Blackwell

City of Maple Heights

Maple Heights school year for 2016 -2017 and information - click below

Maple Heights Schools

Water Department

Water main break?  Click the link below to reach the Cleveland Water Department.

Police Dept

The Maple Heights Police Department page has more information and additional links to keep  you informed!

Please click the link below for information on the gas pricing with your local supplier from Energy Choice Ohio.

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Cleveland Metroparks

Water Department

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FINANCE DIRECTOR EMPLOYMENT OPENING: The City of Maple Heights is currently accepting applcations for the position of Finance Director. Please click here for a job description. 



TRASH COLLECTION WEEK OF JAN 16: Dr Martin Luther King holiday observation is on Monday,  Jan 16 - City Hall will be closed. Waste Management will pick up trash on the regular schedule on Jan 19 & Jan 20 (no delays).  



WINTER WEATHER & PARKING NEWS:  Residents should be aware of the city ordinance on parking in the street during snow - SNOW BAN PARKING.  Also, there is a city-wide 'no parking' ban from 4 AM to 6 AM on ALL city streets!



AARP INCOME TAX APPOINTMENTS:   Click here for information on making an appointment to have your income taxes done at the Maple Heights Senior Center.



FOOD PANTRY DONATION!  In the spirit of giving, Mayor Blackwell, accompanied by Councilwoman Tanglyn Madden, Linda Vopat, employees and Food Pantry volunteers as they met  Donovan Boyd,  Production Supervisor at JACK Thistledown Racino, and chairman for the  "Jack Thistledown Racino Canned Food Drive"  at the Maple Heights Food Pantry.   Many THANKS to the JACk Thistledown Racino for their generous donation of over 1,100 food items for Maple Heights residents during the upcoming holidays!   IMAGES 



POLICY MATTERS:  Please read the following link for information on the state cutbacks and how it is affecting communities throughout the state.



PROPERTY TAX BILLS:   Maple Heights residents can expect to see their property tax bills in the mail during the month of December, or they can be accessed online through the Cuyahoga County Auditor.



COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD:  Read the attached article from the Neighborhood News about a recent event at Marymount Hospial honoring Human Services Director Linda Vopat from the Maple Heights Senior Center for Community Service.  



SNOW PLOW CONTRACTORS!  All private contractors plowing snow must be registered with the City.   A list of private contractors is provided, or you can log onto the Service Deparment page to obtain additional information and ordinances.





FIREFIGHTER SIMULATOR TRAINING:  On November 28th,29th and 30th the Maple Heights Fire Department hosted the “Fire Behavior Lab” that was provided by the Ohio Fire Academy Direct Delivery Program. The program was provided free of charge and reviewed the science of fire behavior both in a classroom session followed by live fire scenerios 

Fire Safety Tips - Read More



NOVEMBER 15 - THOMAS STREET SEWER REPAIR!  See the attached notification for construction work currently taking place on Thomas Street for sanitary sewer repairs;  CLICK HERE 



LOST RING !  The Mobile Food Pantry was held this past Saturday, Nov. 5 at Southgate USA. A volunteer lost a ring of great sentimental value while packing groceries. It is gold with the initials D K in silver. If you found it in your bag, please return it to the Maple Heights Senior Center at 15901 Libby Road or call 216-587-5481. A reward is being offered. It is a family heirloom and cannot be replaced.



POLICE CIVIL SERVICE EXAM:  Results from the Civil Service Exam held on September 22 are now posted  



NUISANCE ANIMALS:  Please be advised the Animal Warden will not trap nuisance animals during late fall through winter.  No traps will be set after November 4, 2016.



EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES!  Click here for recent job postings listed with the Southeast Chamber of Commerce.  



NOPEC PRESS RELEASE:  The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) has begun discussions with new suppliers to provide electricity for 500,000 customers in 12 Northern Ohio counties following FirstEnergy Solutions’ decision earlier today to terminate its contract with NOPEC three years early.  READ MORE .   Updated press release Nov 9



SIDE LOT PROGRAM!  The Cuyahoga County Landbank has vacant lots available within the City.  Click here for information on  the program.  For a current listing of available parcels, log onto the County Landbank website.



AMERICAN LEGION POST 309:  January newsletter 



THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20:  Mayor Annette Blackwell recently accepted a Watershed Mini Grant Award. Addititional photos, links and information can be found here.



CORRECTIONS OFFICERS:   The City of Maple Heights is hiring corrections officers - CLICK HERE for job description, and check the Human Resources page for an applicatiion.



COUNCIL MEETING::  The next Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,, January 18 at 7 PM



APPLIANCES / FURNITURE PICKUP:  Large or bulky items set out for trash need notification.  Please call 216-587-9014, or use the online form to ensure proper pickup.  Please note:  Box springs or mattresses need to be wrapped in plastic bag in order to be picked up!



MORTGAGE DEBT INFORMATION:  Principal Reduction Modification program information can be accessed HERE 



SHRED DAY:   The city held two "Shred Days" in Maple Heights in 2016.  Check back in 2017 for updated information concerning dates for its annual "Shred Day"



POLICE CALL REPORTS:   Police incident reports are posted on line 



SENIOR NEWSLETTER:  Maple Heights Senior Center publishes a monthly newsletter with events, menus and other information going on at the center.  CLICK HERE for the more recent issue of the newsletter



PARKING BAN: Please be aware there is NO PARKING on all streets from 4 AM to 6 AM;  ORDINANCE 



PRESS RELEASE:   Please read the press release from Mayor Blackwell concerning the approval from State Auditor Dave Yost concerning the solid waste collection fund.